Membership FAQs

Some things to know about your Family Circle Membership:   

  • Memberships are non-transferable.
  • Memberships expire one year from date of purchase.
  • To maintain the same expiration date from year to year, you may renew your membership up to 30 days before or 30 days after your expiration date.
  • Memberships that have been expired for 31 days or more will receive a new expiration date when renewed.
  • Parker Arts reserves the right to change the terms of any membership offering at any time.
  • Please consult your tax adviser for details regarding the tax deductibility of your membership. Members may claim the amount of their membership fee less the fair market value of benefits received. 

Frequent Membership Questions  

When will I receive my Membership Card and Welcome Packet?
Memberships are processed within 1-5 business days. Membership Cards and Welcome Packets are mailed via the US Postal Service. To take advantage of membership benefits prior to receiving your membership packet, simply call the Parker Arts Box Office or bring your confirmation email to the box office.

How do I log into my Family Circle Membership account? 
Click Here to be taken to your patron and member login page. 

What if I forget my Family Circle Membership login email and/or password?  
DO CALL the Parker Arts Box Office at 303-805-6800 to have your password reset. You will be provided with a temporary password. When you log into your patron account you will be asked to reset your password.  

Please, DO NOT create a new patron account. Your login email and password is unique to your patron account and Family Circle Membership. If you create a new patron account your membership benefits including discounts and complimentary tickets cannot be applied to your newly created account. 

Is my Family Circle Membership tax-deductible? Can I get a tax receipt? 
A portion of each Family Circle Membership includes a tax deductible contribution. The tax-deductible portion of each membership level is as follows:

Membership Level  Tax-Deductible Amount 

  • Audience Circle: $50    
  • Chorus Circle:  $136
  • Actors Circle:  $172
  • Directors Circle:  $258
  • Producers Circle: $644

What if I want my Membership to be fully tax-deductible?
If you would like to make a 100% tax deductible gift to Parker Arts, you may do so by making a contribution here. A fully tax-deductible donation is not considered a purchase of a Family Circle Membership and does not entitle the donor to any goods or services associated with a Family Circle Membership. You will receive a receipt letter acknowledging you contribution.

Is my Family Circle Membership transferable?
No. Each membership purchased receives a unique membership number that is associated with a specific patron account. Membership benefits may not be transferred to various individuals within a household. The patron that purchased the membership will have the applicable membership benefits applied to their account. This means that the patron account used to purchase the membership must be used when purchasing tickets in order to take advantage of any applicable membership benefits.   

Does my membership guarantee that I can purchase tickets to any performance? 
While every attempt will be made by our box office staff to meet the needs and requests of our Family Circle members, membership does not guarantee tickets or specific seats. All levels do have varied dates of priority ticketing access which does help in securing tickets to our most popular shows.

Do my complimentary tickets expire?
Complimentary tickets must be used within the 12 month period of your annual membership. Tickets not used during that year are no longer valid.

How do I find out when my membership will expire?
Your membership expires one year from the date your membership was purchased. The expiration date will be located on your electronic confirmation letter you will receive immediately after your purchase as well as on your receipt letter that will be mailed to you as part of your membership welcome packet.  

You can also view your expiration date by logging into your membership account here and will be listed in the “My Account” section. 

What if I misplace my Family Circle Membership tax-receipt letter? 
If you have misplaced your tax receipt letter please email to request a duplicate copy. Please include your full name, mailing address and any information about the payment in question. You may also call the Development Office at 303-805-3377 to request a duplicate letter.

I am interested in upgrading my membership, how should I do this?
Please call the Development Office at 303-805-3377 to upgrade your membership over the phone.  At this time, memberships may not be upgraded online. 

How do I learn about upcoming membership events?
Visit our Member Events page here. When you purchase a Family Circle membership you will be automatically signed up to receive the monthly Family Circle Email Newsletter that provides information about upcoming members-only events as well as stories and highlights of how your membership is making an impact in the Parker Arts community. 

Can I purchase a membership as a gift for someone else? 
At this time, memberships are unable to be purchased as a gift for another patron. We hope to be able to provide this opportunity in the near future. 

Can I use my customer credit toward the purchase of a membership? 
At this time, customer credit may not be used toward the purchase of a Family Circle Membership. 

Can my employer make a contribution to match my membership purchase?  
Each company has specific guidelines as to what constitutes an eligible contribution. Please consult with your employer’s human resources department for details and guidelines.  Typically, membership purchases are not eligible for corporate matching funds.