Wilder is a rambunctious and willful child with energy to spare. Like his hero Max from Where The Wild Things Are, Wilder struggles with minding authority and navigating issues of anger. He is certain life would have been better if rather than a boy, he had instead been born a “wild animal of the jungle.” So he has decided to be one. Wilder’s Mom does her best to guide her imaginative and headstrong son, but she struggles with the difficulties of being a single mother; having a “wild animal of the jungle” for a son only adds to the pressures. Join Parker Arts for this original children’s play by local actor and director, Christopher Willard.

School Performances: April 22 - 24, 2020 and June 9, 2020, 10:00 am & 12:00 pm (Limited seating available for the April 24, 10:00 am performance.)
Performances are located at The Schoolhouse Theater, 19650 E. Mainstreet.
Grade Level: PreK-4th
Run Time: 45 minutes
Curriculum: Literature, Language Arts, Social Development and Family Relationships, and Performing Arts.

Wild image

Teacher Resources: Download study guide. (Coming soon!)
School Group Tickets: $7 (One free chaperone for every 10 students up to 10 chaperones.)
Individual Tickets: $15

Group reservations are available only through PACE Center Box Office. Complete and submit the online Group Reservation Form. Student group orders will receive confirmation by way of email invoice from PACE Center Box Office that is due 30 days prior to the performance. For questions please call 303.805.6800.

Please review the Student Matinee Guide before attending a performance at PACE Center.